Hey Carter Books

Objectives & Solutions

Thomishia Booker was one of our amazing clients. When she first came to us, her concern was with marketing, engagement, and increased sales of her books specifically from Instagram.

We focused on narrowing down her target audience, creating a plan of how to engage with them via social media, created content that spoke to a specific need, and getting that audience off of social media to her website and email list.

While majority of Thomishia’s sales came from Amazon and pop ups, we wanted to directly increase revenue coming from Instagram.

Her books focus on children embracing their brown skin and being confident despite what the world may say. We knew that more people needed to see this message of encouragement and be inspired.

Growth at a Glance

  • We successfully increased follower growth and increased the brand’s reach.
  • Within a month, the total followers grew from 6,591 to 7,002.
  • Website clicks were increased as well as book sales via Instagram.
  • Impressions increased by 41.6%.
  • Profile visits increased by 77%.
  • Website taps increased by 90.8%.
  • Based on strategy, they experienced increased engagement with their targeted audience.
Picture of Testimonial


My social media following increased exponentially in a short amount of time. Mia is great at getting to know your brand so she can represent your voice.

Thomishia Booker
Author of Hey Carter Books featured in Forbes and Netflix

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