Dr. Fatimah Williams

Objectives & Solutions

Dr. Fatimah Williams, Ph.D. is an executive coach and growth strategist, equipping leaders and organizations to align their vision and strategy to achieve their next growth goal or pivot. Her professional development guidance has been featured in Essence Magazine, LMCTV-New York, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Black Doctor, and Scientific American. She is the author of two books, The Professional Pathways Planner and Be Bold: Launch Your Job Search or Career Change with Confidence.

When Fatimah came to The Hustle From Home Mom, she wanted to develop a consistent tone in her brand on Linkedin, build engagement with her ideal audience, and show up as the expert that she is. 

During her partnership with us, we have been able to create relevant and consistent copy that aligns with her service and product information that speaks directly to her target audience, increase her visibility on Linkedin giving her opportunities and contracts from universities and organizations for her programs.

Growth at a Glance

  • We successfully improved visibility on LinkedIn.
  • Created a variety of copywriting pieces to accurately show her work.
  • Increased her number of projects (increased revenue).
  • Helped her garner a partnership.
Picture of Testimonial


I've had my business for several years but really needed help to be consistent in my social media presence. Mia offers several things in one package -- social image design and copywriting. This is very helpful because I can get it all done in one place. And Mia has taken the time to understand my audience and my voice so she can create copy that resonates with my brand and our goals. This is not easy given that I speak to leadership and productivity issues in a niche area (higher ed) and in broader industries.

Mia is professional and organized which is so important. It means I don't have to manage her or her work. She manages me! And thank goodness because when things get busy I can easily drop the ball.

I like that we changed our submission date from Friday to Thursday. It gives me more time to review before the end of the work week and during normal working days/hours.
-Dr Fatimah Williams

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